Types of Greenhouse


From the structure size to specific accessories, you can select the perfect options to meet your specific needs. We have greenhouses designed for all types of environments. Browse through our different greenhouse types to learn more!


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Negative Pressure Greenhouse

The most traditional design on the market and by far the lowest cost method to cool your greenhouse.

Positive Pressure Greenhouse

Traditional negative pressure applications are being phased out as Positive Pressure is a trending method of increasing environmental protection from outside pests as well as offering much better control of temperature and humidity.

“Hybrid” Greenhouse

A Hybrid greenhouse utilizes the design concept of a Positive Pressure Greenhouse but adds one additional and very useful item. Most commonly, it includes air conditioning.

Totally Enclosed Greenhouse

The most expensive and most controlled environmental option available on the greenhouse market at this time.

Retail Garden Centers

Team Trinity has completed many retail garden centers.  These would vary from very functional yet aesthetic greenhouses to just a cover house attached to a brick and mortar structure.

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