It is no secret that the legalized Cannabis (and Hemp) production market has changed the greenhouse industry.  We at Trinity Greenhouse have the experience of being there on the ground floor of legalization. Therefore, we have done many cannabis and hemp greenhouses across the nation.  We understand that the cannabis plant is the highest value plant being grown in greenhouses, thus, great expertise is necessary when planning a cannabis house.


It is vitally important that the plant is being grown in conditions so that it both thrives and also passes any of the specific state tests and requirements.  The Trinity team can guide a client as to how to build the house that will create the most successful environment for their location and situation.  It is important for a client to understand the different options available to them, based on their geographical location.  In other words, what works in Arizona does not work well in Missouri, etc.


Trinity offers a full range of negative pressure, positive pressure, hybrid and totally enclosed houses to fit your needs.  We also offer experienced consultation services to help a client be as successful as possible with their cannabis or hemp crop.  We understand that because of the high value of the crop, every decision is an important one and we have the experience to guide you through it!


To start the design process or potentially visit a project that we have done, please give us a call at 800-324-2293

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