There probably isn’t a more critical market for the future than the vegetable/food market, in the greenhouse industry. With the many issues facing our world and nation, vegetable production has come to the forefront of importance.  The Trinity Team understands the need for CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) and has the experience to provide the correct structure.


As in other markets, the CEA greenhouse needs are usually vastly different.  There are clients who are growing only the seedlings and then wholesaling those for final sale.  Other clients are growing from seed or plug to full maturity.  Different crops require different things.  Leafy greens are on one spectrum, tomatoes on another for example.


There are also many methods of growing that require different types of houses.  Vertical farming, hydroponic growing, aquaponic growing, soil based growing, just to name a few.   A client may need anything from just a heated and cooled greenhouse to a very state of the art greenhouse with enhanced control system, etc.  Generally in these houses, we see much taller houses than in other markets.  Whatever the need may be, the Trinity team has done it and is ready to work with you!


To start the design process or potentially visit a project that we have done, please give us a call at 800-324-2293

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